This line of bra cups was designed to be sold over the counter separate from the garment. Easy to use – place, tape, in or sew into the garment. Made of very durable yet comfortable foam and outer fabric. Ideal for strapless tops, swimwear, sports bras, costumes and bridal. Designed to push up and boost cleavage.

For "Samples" orders, there will be an additional $15 handling charge at time of invoicing (for more details, go to "How I May Request Samples" in the 
Frequently Asked Questions page).

Volume Pricing Available. Please Contact Customer Service For More Information.
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CP3977RT-A/BNude Triangle Plus.

Item No.CPIT100970
10 Pair Per Sleeve / 370 Pair Per Box

CP4691RT-A/BNude Full Push Up.

Item No.CPIT101496
10 Pair Per Sleeve / 250 Pair Per Box

CP4692RT-A/BNude Shaper Plus.

Item No.CPIT101497
10 Pair Per Sleeve / 300 Pair Per Box

CP4693RT-A/BNude Triangle Ultra Shaper.

Item No.CPIT101498
10 Pair Per Sleeve / 250 Pair Per Box


Item No.CPIT101499
10 Pair Per Sleeve / 250 Pair Per Box